Top 10 Namco Characters


Shrikeswind: By the way, I don't know if you guys have been keeping up with OCR on YouTube, but apparently they're dropping an album for a game I grew up on, Jet Force Gemini. Really pumped; I'll post a review when they finish. Jul 8, 2021 11:30:44 GMT -5
Shrikeswind: Or at least when my Top 3 from that game are on the Toobz. Just one more song to go. Jul 8, 2021 11:31:13 GMT -5
Nester the Lark: I feel like I've been neglecting the forum more than usual lately. Been distracted by other things. I'll try to post something when I get the chance. Jul 16, 2021 10:38:22 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: I don't have time to make posts. Atelier Firis DX takes forever to play. When I'm not playing, I'm in a read-only mode, reading guides and watching (unrelated) videos. Jul 17, 2021 13:25:38 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: On that note, I'll probably make a review on the whole trilogy, so it will be a while until I talk about these games in details here. I can say Atelier Firis DX has far exceeded my expectation and has taken over Totori as my 3rd fav. Jul 17, 2021 13:31:06 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: Uh, I take that back. Atelier Firis has a lot of merits, but also a lot of drawbacks. It's extremely tedious for 100% completion, and there are all kinds of other flaws. Still good for the exploration aspect and certain plots like Liane's character events. Aug 9, 2021 13:38:12 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: I don't know where I'd place it. A bit above Atelier Totori? A bit below it? I still think it's pretty good, at any rate. If only they could keep this game's engine but dial back its scale and make a traditional Atelier. Totally not foreshadowing anything. Aug 9, 2021 13:45:07 GMT -5 *
Nester the Lark: I've finished Ys IX, so I'll be working on a detailed write-up and comparison with Ys VIII. Aug 17, 2021 8:09:12 GMT -5
Spud: I try to keep up with here, but the proboard RSS feed suuuucks. And Thunderbird is barely passable as a feed aggregator. I feel like the internet was just better in 2007. Sept 3, 2021 10:43:42 GMT -5
Nester the Lark: I may have a little time to catch my breath... Sept 6, 2021 19:09:08 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: Game progress update: Atelier Lydie & Suelle DX — defeated Falgior, so it's about 1/3 done (about 1/4 if I count post-game item grinding); WarioWare: Get It Together! — played up to the staff credits (about 5%, I guess). Sept 15, 2021 12:30:19 GMT -5 *
nocturnal YL: This pic is how I'd rate my games on Nintendo Switch so far (subject to change). Numbers are meant to show relative positions; like temperatures in °C and °F, absolute values don't mean much. Sept 15, 2021 12:36:36 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: TGS is ongoing now! I'll probably watch the second half of KOEI TECMO's stream. Sept 30, 2021 22:51:39 GMT -5
Nester the Lark: The Atelier series has been on sale on the NA eShop for the first time since Spring 2020. It's tempting, but I have so many other things to play right now. Oct 1, 2021 11:13:08 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: A speedrun of Atelier Rorona can take as little as 45 minutes. Oct 2, 2021 10:14:27 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: But seriously, this series is a major time sink. Even if you don't want to spend too much time, I'd recommend playing one whole sub-series in order to understand the story. Earlier games can be played without the later ones, though. Oct 2, 2021 10:17:40 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: Sophie 1 is often recommended as a starting point, since the story is interesting (for a first game) and is relatively newcomer-friendly*, while I'd say Lulua which is very polished and there are relatively few cutscenes that need knowledge in prior games. Oct 2, 2021 10:23:29 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: *Which… I disagree; you can get through Firis and later even if you're not good at making items, but with Sophie you'll be stuck once you've beaten the game and gets into the DLC. Oct 2, 2021 10:24:15 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: Or you can go for Ryza 1, the popular option; just know that you'll miss out a lot of what makes Atelier Atelier if you go for that route.
As for Lydie & Suelle (which got me in in the first place), it has great story but there's a bit of a learning curve.
Oct 2, 2021 10:26:32 GMT -5 *
Nester the Lark: I've got some mixed thoughts on Metroid Dread. I'll try to write up a post about it. Oct 12, 2021 14:43:55 GMT -5