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Nester the Lark: ^ I was sorry to hear this. Apparently some unannounced projects were canned, too. May 20, 2023 16:12:16 GMT -5
Nester the Lark: I'm a little afraid to see how much time I've spent on Tears of the Kingdom when it's revealed on my Switch profile tomorrow. May 22, 2023 10:44:07 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: Random trivia: 100% of my team at work know what a Wii U is. May 25, 2023 10:57:22 GMT -5
Nester the Lark: Huh. So, there's going to be a sequel to Daemon X Machina. Didn't see that coming. May 25, 2023 20:45:27 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: I tried to come up with a thread on how Nintendo Switch stands out as a generation when I care so little about Nintendo games (I have only bought 9 Nintendo-published Switch games), but I don't know what to say besides the usual "I already have a Wii U". May 26, 2023 13:39:10 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: If first-party impact is the sole indicator of how much do I like a game system, Nintendo Switch would be about the 4th worst Nintendo system. It's fortunate that its gimmick is something all games can benefit on, so I don't have to like Nintendo's games. May 26, 2023 13:42:31 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: Note: I will be offline for the next 2 days as I'll be on another trip, this time to southern China. May 27, 2023 12:30:25 GMT -5
Nester the Lark: Enjoy your trip! May 27, 2023 16:40:07 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: I'm back! Well, I was back yesterday, but I was tired. It was pretty fun. May 31, 2023 8:35:07 GMT -5
Nester the Lark: Welcome back! May 31, 2023 10:32:59 GMT -5
Nester the Lark: Finished Tears of the Kingdom! Not sure of the exact time, but it took well over 100 hours. I finished all main quests. Gonna need some time to organize my full thoughts. Jun 1, 2023 16:29:13 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: Fuse durability makes no sense. If I attach a giant rock to a stick, the stick should break sooner, not later. Jun 3, 2023 1:21:15 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: Started Nights of Azure 2. First half-hour thoughts: controls like Warriors, but plays differently enough; just as I thought, Gust and action games aren't a good match; UI feels like a PS Vita game; does a good job explaining this world in half an hour. Jun 4, 2023 7:43:44 GMT -5 *
nocturnal YL: This game is first and foremost a yuri game, far more so than the BLUE REFLECTION series, although the fan consensus is that Nights of Azure 1 is better in terms of relationship development. Graphics seems OK, it's at least better than Totori DX. Jun 4, 2023 7:48:04 GMT -5 *
nocturnal YL: The controls threw me off a bit; perhaps due to the X (△) and Y (□) buttons being used for fighting, the game menu button is now + (OPTIONS) and first-strike attack is now ZL (L2) / ZR (R2). Speaking of that, some attacks use multiple X (△) button presses. Jun 4, 2023 7:51:25 GMT -5 *
nocturnal YL: Oh, great. Nights of Azure 2 has a time limit. Jun 4, 2023 10:43:17 GMT -5 *
nocturnal YL: It's divided into smaller chapters, and I need to finish the quests within the chapters they appear in. The time limit also doesn't look that tight. So time management-wise it should be similar to Atelier Rorona DX. Jun 4, 2023 12:37:06 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: By the way I'm planning to play Surge Concerto DX and Dusk DX after this. That'd be 7 Gust games in a row, and I don't know if I'll continue the streak after that. I'm also contemplating replaying Atelier Lulua. Jun 4, 2023 12:40:08 GMT -5
Nester the Lark: I've written some lengthy thoughts about Tears of the Kingdom, but I think it's a bit long-winded and overly negative. I need to work on it a bit longer. Jun 6, 2023 8:51:07 GMT -5
nocturnal YL: I'm looking forward to that. Jun 6, 2023 9:01:13 GMT -5
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